Daily Needs Retail

Non-discretionary retailers provide essential goods which are always part of consumer spending habits.
This is because commercial properties in this sector enjoy consistent demand, financially strong tenants, and long commercial leases. These factors ensure that these properties produce reliable income from tenant leases as well as long-term capital growth. All properties we purchase must also pass our stringent selection criteria to ensure they will provide the best return on investment for unitholders in our trusts.

Our History

Fawkner aggressively pursued the acquisition of non-discretionary retail assets with the contrarian view their performance would remain strong, despite a significant decrease in value and a ubiquitous version to the retail sector
Fawkner sold the final asset in Private Property Trust No.1 to a listed Real Estate Investment Trust on a yield of 4.00% - generating an outstanding return for Fawkner’s earliest investors. The fund has now been wound up.
Fawkner surpassed $1.5 billion in Assets Under Management following the completion of several institutional transactions with major ASX-Listed REITs.

Why we invest

Supermarket retail revenue accounts for $110 billion per year

Highly resilient during economic downturns

Perceived lower risk and higher demand elasticity throughout the cycle.

Unique position in the market

Retailers such as supermarkets enjoy a unique position in the market since they form part of consumers' essential spending. Large supermarkets also have long leases with fixed rental increases. Our trusts are designed to provide reliable monthly income and long-term capital stability, which makes non-discretionary retail an ideal choice.

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