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Fawkner Property

A property syndicate for consistent and reliable income

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Our investment approach

Compliance and security are at the core of everything we do. We design unlisted property trusts which prioritise protecting your investment capital while providing reliable monthly income.

The strengths of our property syndicate

Consistent, reliable monthly income
Diversified income stream
Capital Stability
Fawkner Income Diversification Strategy

An investment supported by strong national brands

Our performance history

Performance History – 30 June 2020

Return (%)
2011 (Sold)
2011 (Sold)
2014 (Sold)
BP Seaford, VIC
BP Vermont, VIC
Private Property Trust
Private Property Trust
Private Property Trust
Private Property Trust
Private Property Trust
Private Property Trust

Our current opportunity

Fawkner Income Diversification Strategy

Multiple Income Sources

Multiple Tenant Income

Multiple Geography Income

Multiple Sector Income

Our Investment Approach

Learn about unlisted property

Unlisted property trusts give you the opportunity to invest in commercial property without the burden of raising all the necessary capital or managing the property yourself.

How to invest

There are different ways of structuring your investment to suit all types of investors. Find out how you can invest in a property syndicate and take part in this unique opportunity.

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Properties we invest in

We are very particular about the types of properties we invest in, ensuring the safety of your capital investment as well as reliable monthly income.

Convenience, fuel and quick service restaurants

The convenience, Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), and fuel retail sector provides uniquely desirable investment opportunities, offering both regular rental income and long-term capital growth through fixed rental increases.

Consistent and growing demand
Desirable locations in growing urban areas
Large, international corporate tenants

Supermarkets and non-discretionary retailers

Non-discretionary retail centres form part of consumers essential spending habits. The tenants, such as super markets, are resilient in all parts of the economic cycle. Because these retailers provide our daily essential items, they offer a very defensive income stream and are a highly sought after investment.

Consistent and growing demand
Prime retail real estate locations
Large national brands

Childcare and early learning centres

Childcare centres provide an essential service for working families and continue to be in high demand.

Essential service for working families
Consistent and growing demand
Desirable real estate locations

Your questions answered

What is a commercial property investment syndicate?

As a commercial property syndicator, Fawkner Property creates unit trusts which purchase commercial properties, and we then offer the units to investors.

These commercial property syndicates generate reliable monthly income for investors from commercial lease agreements. The commercial properties in the trust also have strong potential for capital growth, providing even more value for investors.

What are the benefits of investing in a commercial property syndicate?

At Fawkner Property, we offer a number of strong benefits for our investors, including:

Consistent reliable monthly income — High quality leases to financially strong tenants provide you with reliable and stable monthly income distributions.

Capital stability and no sharemarket volatility — The capital value of your investment in an unlisted property syndicate is based on property fundamentals, not market sentiment and other external factors which influence the value of the share market.

Diversification — You have direct access to investment returns from a variety of commercial properties in different locations with good tenants, on long leases.

Extend your reach — As part of a Fawkner Property syndicate you can access quality properties beyond your resources as a single investor.

Hedge against inflation — The ability of commercial tenants to pay rent is based on their turnover, so rising prices feed into rents and, unlike term deposits, your capital keeps pace with inflation.

Set and forget with no more to pay — Fawkner Property attends to all aspects of the management of your investment and, unlike a residential property, you are not called upon to pay for capital expenditure and major repairs, rates, leasing fees etc.

Fees and costs included — All quoted income returns are after all fees and costs.

What does it mean that syndicated property investments are ‘fixed term’?

Each of our Australian property syndicates has a fixed term of 6 or 7 years, as set out in the disclosure document. This means you can secure reliable and consistent investment income paid monthly for a period of seven years.

After the trust term, investors have the opportunity to sell their units with an Exit Offer. The terms of the exit offer are available in each fund's disclosure documents.