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Unlisted Real Estate Funds for Financial Advisers
Give your clients access to outstanding investment returns

Reliable income – monthly, tax effective distributions to assist in clients income portfolios

Retail and Wholesale investment opportunities – options for all clients to invest

Independently Rated – high ratings by leading independent research houses

Financial Advisers may consider Fawkner Property Funds for several reasons:

Expertise in essential services real estate: Fawkner Property has a strong expertise in essential services real estate, which can provide financial advisers with a unique investment opportunity in a recession resilient sector.

Diversification: Fawkner Property Funds can provide financial advisers with an opportunity to diversify their clients' portfolios and subsequently reduce correlation & risk.

Reliable Income: Essential services real estate can provide a stable and reliable income stream, which can be attractive for financial advisers looking to provide their clients with a regular income stream.

Long-term investment: Real estate investments, such as those offered by Fawkner Property Funds, are typically considered to be long-term investments, which can align with the investment goals of many clients.

Professional management: Fawkner Property Funds are professionally managed, which can provide financial advisers with peace of mind and the assurance that the investments are being managed by experienced and aligned professionals.

It is important to understand the risks of investing in real estate and property funds, and financial advisers should carefully consider the specific characteristics of the Fawkner Property Funds, including the investment objectives, risks, fees and charges, before making any recommendations to their clients.
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