Commercial Property Syndicators

 Fawkner Property creates syndicates for like-minded people to invest in quality office and retail property for steady income returns, well above bank fixed deposits, without the capital volatility of the stock market.

 Fawkner Property is a private property syndication company, licensed by ASIC to promote property syndicates to sophisticated or high net worth (wholesale) investors.  Many of our investors are self managed superannuation funds.

Fawkner Property syndicates are simple and transparent unit trusts.  Through the unit trust, the investors own the property.  Fawkner Property uses the experience of its directors to purchase properties which provide reliable income returns with limited risk to capital.  With sensible gearing, Fawkner Property uses non-recourse bank finance to pass on to investors the benefits of currently available interest rates on commercial property loans, through higher income.



With combined experience of over 55 years in commercial property investment, asset and fund management, the directors of Fawkner Property have a track record of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns to commercial property investors.

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Fawkner Property syndicates are available to wholesale investors seeking regular monthly income and long-term modest capital growth to hedge against inflation.

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Our investors are currently receiving income distributions between 8% and 11% per annum, with total returns (including capital gains) since inception up to 16.9% (before tax).


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