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The Square Mirrabooka

We Welcome Ukraine

We Welcome Ukraine - The Square Mirrabooka

In the early hours of February 24th 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. In the month since the invasion began, more than 10 million people have been displaced, several Ukrainian towns and cities have been besieged and bombarded beyond recognition, and thousands of civilians have been killed. Although this may have felt and still feel so far away to many of us, we felt compelled as a business to do whatever we could to make a difference for these innocent families.  

In late February, The Square Mirrabooka shopping centre, contacted the Ukrainian Association of Western Australia to see what they could do to support. They soon learnt that over 100 displaced Ukrainian families had fled the war and begun to resettle in the centres trade area. Knowing this the ‘We Welcome Ukraine’ event was born, a moving welcome for the families, many of whom have left their husbands and sons behind.  

A welcome day that celebrated both Ukrainian and Australian culture and begun their connection to the local community.  

The  We Welcome Ukraine  event, held on Saturday 14 May, included a traditional welcome from local indigenous elders, a first for many of the families, performances from the Ukrainian Cossack dancing group and members from the Perth Orchestra performing the Ukrainian National anthem. The day also featured a series of service stalls to support the families and connect them with the local community.

Fawkner Property (owners of The Square Mirrabooka) Chief Investment Officer and Founder, Chris Garnaut, said the event was an opportunity for Mirrabooka and members of the wider Perth region to celebrate culture and community.

Driving donations for the Ukraine Crisis Appeal is a key objective of the campaign, however, the  We Welcome Ukraine  event is also designed to be a day of honouring and celebrating Ukrainian culture and community,” Garnaut said.

The ambassador for Ukraine Vasyl Myroshnychenko flew to Perth to attend the event and said the Ukrainian people will never forget the support and kindness.

“Seeing all those Ukrainian families with children on the day was heartbreaking for me, but I was so pleased to see them getting your support.“  Myroshnychenko said.

The funds raised on the day were donated to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, Australia’s largest fundraising effort for the resettlement. The Square Mirrabooka owners, Fawkner Property, committed $100,000 to begin donations.  

The celebration was also a great success for the centre, which saw an increase in foot traffic of over 11% with an estimated 1,200 attendees on the day. There was very strong media coverage, reaching over 6.7 million people with stories on Channel 7, Nine News, ABC and Channel 10 along with local radio and online publications.  

The Western Australian Government committed a $500,000 donation to the Ukrainian Crisis Appeal on Friday 20 May, to further assist the people of Ukraine as they deal with the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion.