25 Wills Road, Emerald Qld

Cranbourne Westernport (2)

Cranbourne Westernport (2)

Cranbourne Westernport (2)


25 Wills Road, Emerald QLD

This brand new major Truck Stop and Inland Logistics Terminal with capacity to serve both road train and B-double trucks all on a large well located site. The site includes freestanding canopy covering dual aboveground fuel storage and dispensing facilities with an on-site office with showers and toilets.

The property is a Shell unmanned diesel truck stop is situated on Wills Road in Emerald, approximately within the Central Park Industrial Estate which fronts the Gregory Highway 5 Kilometres north of Emerald Town centre.

The location offers easy access for all vehicles and prime movers. The site is 350 metres from NQX Toll Logistic Depot and is directly opposite another fuel distributer creating the premier fuel distribution centre of Emerald and Central Queensland. Shell has a contract to supply fuel to Toll trucks. Shell has secured the site on a long term lease.

Diesel-stops are an attractive, long term proposition for operations throughout regional QLD. Road is the predominant mode for the transportation of freight in Queensland, with freight tonnages experiencing an increase of approximately 66% over the previous ten year period. Roads account for 75% of long distance freight movements in Queensland’s regional areas. It is predicted that Queensland will continue to experience a significant increase in freight vehicle movements as a result of the increase in the population and economic activity. It is forecast that the freight movement tonnages will increase at a greater rate than the population.

* Subject to change