37 - 41 Prospect Street, Box Hill VIC

Box Hill Private Property Trust no2


Investment Status: Sold

Leased to: NAB, Serco & Loscam

Purchase Date: 23 January 2003 Purchase

Price: $7,075,000

Sale Date: 21 November 2014

Sale Price: $13,800,000

Overall Return: 13.73% (per annum, before tax)

Fawkner Property was elected as trustee of the Trust in June 2011 after the unitholders took action to replace the former Trustee.

Under management by Fawkner Property, the occupancy rate in the building was maintained at 100% – a significant achievement, as all the leases came up for renewal and significant office vacancy developed in the Box Hill precinct. This enabled increased distributions to investors.

Date of Increase Distribution Rate per annum
Prior 10 cents per unit
June 2011 11 cents per unit
July 2014 15 cents per unit

The property was sold fully leased. The overall average total annual return to investors has been 13.73% (before tax) – a very good return for an investment spanning the so-called global financial crisis years.

*Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Each trust managed by Fawkner Property will have different properties, characteristics, and risk and should be assessed by an investor independently of the performance of completed trusts.