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Our investment approach

Achieve consistent, reliable monthly income

Building investments for success

Total Return across trusts
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Our investment approach

Compliance and security are at the core of everything we do. We design unlisted property trusts which prioritise protecting your investment capital while providing reliable monthly income.

The strengths of our property syndicate

Consistent, reliable monthly income
Diversified income stream
Capital Stability
Fawkner Income Diversification Strategy
Current investment

Our team is ready to help you with any questions you may have about our commercial property investments.

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An investment supported by strong national brands

Fawkner Income Diversification Strategy

One of our primary considerations when creating a trust is providing reliable income and ensuring capital stability for your investment. We do this with the Fawkner Income Diversification Strategy. We ensure each trust includes:

  • Multiple income sources
  • Multiple tenant income
  • Multiple geography income
  • Multiple sector income

Asset Classes Compared

Total Returns & Volatility

Asset Classes Compared

Total Returns & Volatility

What is an unlisted property trust?

We create syndicates of like-minded people to invest in property for steady income returns, well above bank fixed deposits.

Unlisted property trusts give you the opportunity to invest in highly desirable commercial property and secure reliable monthly income for the length of the trust.

How to invest

There are different ways of structuring your investment to suit all types of investors. Find out how you take part in this unique opportunity.

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Properties we invest in

We are very particular about the types of properties we invest in, ensuring the safety of your capital investment as well as reliable monthly income.

Convenience, fuel and quick service restaurants

The convenience, Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), and fuel retail sector provides uniquely desirable investment opportunities, offering both regular rental income and long-term capital growth through fixed rental increases.

Consistent and growing demand
Desirable locations in growing urban areas
Large, international corporate tenants

Supermarkets and non-discretionary retailers

Non-discretionary retail centres form part of consumers essential spending habits. The tenants, such as super markets, are resilient in all parts of the economic cycle. Because these retailers provide our daily essential items, they offer a very defensive income stream and are a highly sought after investment.

Consistent and growing demand
Prime retail real estate locations
Large national brands

Childcare and early learning centres

Childcare centres provide an essential service for working families and continue to be in high demand.

Essential service for working families
Consistent and growing demand
Desirable real estate locations